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this section use to have a description of lolicore. i decited to remove this and insted direct you to go into the discord and check out out the lolicore-knowledge channel.

lolicore is old and has lots of lost media and delt with censorship. here is a document over the history of lolicore. there maybe new findings or better explaining in the discord. either way its trash music. but in a good way <3

history document
document as rtf

i have a irc at (required ssl) i would be here insted of discord. tho discord is a bigger server.

i am grom. i got sad when was shut down for what seems like for good so i had the bad idea ever and created a funkwhale server. it was bad. with help of sakari and nihonetone we strightend shit out and remade the archive.
there was lots of ppl who helped along the way. alch, viniciorl, sakita, Connor_CZ, lierofox, Forprexxer, wacom460 and many more.
we had a cool discord server that got terminated by slvt fans raiding the server and spamming bad things. the spam commbined with the server name. the discord jannys did not check twice before terminateing it.

lolicore no die. much love to Lost Frog Productions and Tsundere Violence

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